With the reference of Dr. Simge Orhun, I was invited by the Engineering Department’s Robotics lab to attend the Industry 4.0 Competence Center Conference which was developed in collaboration with the Turkish White Goods Suppliers Association (BEYSAD) and the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD). I was asked if I would join the team as a VR specialist. I took the honor and joined the Conference.
The conference was primarily focused on creating a collaboration between the university and the white goods industry. BEYSAD and TUSIAD wanted to grasp the Industry 4.0 revolution which dealt with principles such as interoperability, technical assistance and decentralized decision methods with the coming “Internet of things Era”. They wished to improve their manufacturing processes. In this context I also guided the Robotics department to create a VR equipment list for the funding Sponsors. Last November we got the news that our University’s collaborative project, “Digital Transformation of SMEs in Turkey through Establishment of the Industry 4.0. Competence Center” presented under the “Manufacturing Industry” category was selected among the priority projects to receive funding for the second phase of the Competitive Sectors Program. This was an additional encouragement for me because it means I will be able to collaborate with projects that involve VR. Note: This event took place in May 2017.

For more info: https://tto.ozyegin.edu.tr/en/blog/our-industry-40-competence-center-project-admitted-priority-group-receive-funding