The Architecture and Design Faculty has officially launched the OzU VR Lab. Respected associates of our Faculty including our Dean Prof. Orhan Hacıhasanoglu and Dept. Chair Ass. Prof. Simge E. Orhun honored the event. The Opening started with a presentation and Followed with demonstrations about Virtual Reality.

Extended Reality tech has an impact on many different industries such as education, architecture, sports, medicine and entertainment. The OzU VR Lab will seek to provide resources to entrepreneurs to help prosper new innovations. The Lab will be an experimental space where faculty, students, and staff from all disciplines collaborate with industry and community. Its mission will be to evolve learning by creating tools and techniques using emerging media including Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality. 

In the past, design played an important role in industrial design and architecture as shaping objects — chairs, cigarette packages, buildings, etc. Now, as an effect of digital revolution, people are living in a mix of artificial world and natural world that has been inexorably changing by technology. This raises the need of psychology and sociology in design which leads design into a new role 

— shaping behavior.