Today we hosted Serkan Kaptan from the Oddviz Collective for a seminar about photogrammetry. The Students and staff enjoyed Kaptan’s outstanding presentation. It was especially interesting to discuss how photogrammetry can contribute to the field of Virtual Reality. We thank Serkan for his efforts regarding the presentation.

The collective takes multiple aerial and ground level photographs to measure exact spatial position of surface points, merged together, the surface points form state-of-the-art 3D representations. Oddviz attaches importance to photogrammetry in digitally preserving bodies, artifacts, facades, exhibitions or landscapes.

Kreuzberg II | 2018 by Oddviz – Does it remind you of the Inception movie..

Oddviz also focuses on manipulation and animation techniques of 3D models. Our practice includes 3D scanning, texturing, retopology application, character rigging, motion capturing and rendering in order to animate or better present a high-fidelity model or scenario.

Oddviz has artistic, architectural and operational skills and produces new-media content for web, video, virtual reality or augmented reality mediums.

Check Oddviz for their impressive work: