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Virtual Reality Lab



Housed in the Faculty of Architecture and Design’s Communication Design Department, the OzU VR Lab aims to contribute to the fields of Virtual and Augmented reality by designing new applications, educating the next generation of researchers and supporting strong collaborations with industry

We explore the boundaries of virtual worlds 

We bring together interdisciplinary teams to explore and promote research projects for immersive environments

Our Projects


Development of Immersive
training environments for
Myoelectric Prosthetics

Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage preservation and Gamified immersive museum Experiences


Avatars, Body Ownership illusion
and Behavioral


Teaching Virtual Reality Design
and Immersive Learning

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It is becoming increasingly crucial for designers to know how to create VR experiences. Forming immersive experiences questions how well we are equipped to tackle this emerging field and requires new ways of thinking about design. For news about our planned workshops please subscribe to our mailing list

Our Lab Equipment

  • HTC Vive Pro VR headsets

  • HTC Vive VR headsets

  • MSI Aegis Desktop Computers
  • MSI NB GT62VR 7RE  Laptops

  • Leap Motion hand motion sensor
  • AverMedia portable video card

Software we enjoy using

  • Unity Game Engine, Unreal Game Engine,
  • Maya, ZBrush, Reality Capture, Blender,
  • Vuforia, Sketch up, Steam VR


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Virtual Reality Today Magazine

By Bora Sezer 

Discover what’s new about Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Techs Today! The VR Today Magazine aggregates cutting-edge news from all sorts of media focused on Extended Reality (VR, AR, MR) and immersive technologies