We Spent a week scanning both a historic ottoman building and our University’s Innovation center with a Matterport Camera with splendid results. Thanks to Ass. Prof. Simge E. Orhun’s introduction, Professor Mischa Shcaub from the University of Basel, Switzerland was our guest and we collaborated on a project involving the Matterport camera which helps with scanning 3D walkthroughs that can be transferred in to virtual reality. The Matterport brought from Basel by Prof. Shcaub is a three-dimensional camera system you can use to create realistic, fully immersive experiences. The Camera assists to capture imagery, collect measurements and process data to create and edit and 3D rendering of locations you like.

After carefully considering our options, we selected to scan the Karakoy Ticaret Han, a late Ottoman period Trade center, currently inhabited by artins. Besides Scanning the Historic location, we also had the opportunity to catalog our newly built Innovation Center (Currently OZUX) in Özyeğin.

With a team consisting of Myself, Prof. Shcaub, Dila Altay and Tobias Kappeler, we spent a week doing about 60 scans to create immersive experiences for both Karakoy Ticaret Han and the Innovation Center. This technology has enormous potential for archiving important structures and promoting locations. Our University can benefit of such a tool to promote the locations in our campus. Below, I share the results of the Scans which can be experienced by using Smart phones and Cardboard headsets.
Note: This collaboration took place In February 2016.

Karakoy Ticaret Han

Ozyegin University Innovation Center